HOT SELLING—Mini fridge series

6L/8L mini fridge for bedroom, Car, Office desk & College Dorm Room -110v/220v Portable Cooler & Warmer for Food, Drinks, Skincare & Beauty.


Cooler & Warmer Function. Our mini fridges are made of the moelectric core. The core of our fridge is long-lasting from Japanese company. The temperature inside changes according to surrounding environment. Generally says that it is 18-20 degrees higher or lower than the ambient temperature, the lowest can reach 0 degrees, and the highest can reach 65 degrees. Stocking chilled skincare products and will provide a sweet beauty trick to have your skin looking gorgeous every day. You will find that it is not only easier but also more convenient and worth a try. It can be also used to warm baby bottles, but it cannot be used to heat food. Pls make sure 1 hour left time to switch between hot and cold modes.


Portable & Compact. It can be moved conveniently as it is very light to carry. It can also be used for dormitory, camping, traveling, etc. More Scenes wait for your discovery.


HOME AND CAR(AC & DC). You can put on the dressing table in bedroom at home, and you can also cool the drinks in the car.


LED Mirror Design. The unique design of LED lights and the space can be well-used. You can see your face clearly in the dark with LED lights, it also environmentally saves energy. The inner double-layer space design can be better classified and stored. The storage compartment inside the door can be used to place facial masks, lipsticks, etc.


SILENT SOUND DESIGN. The working sound of refrigerator is only 28LB. Putting it on the bedroom will not disturb your sleep at night. Unless you sleep is very lightly, you can move away from the bedroom.

4L mirror door

Our smallest but cutest Fridge the 4L storage. It lets you store all your skin-care product needs in one place.
It has some special functions
1) Hot and Cold setting available
2) Moveable shelf

3) Reduces bacteria from being present
4) Soothes and de-puff skin

5) Reduce oiliness and eases acne
6) And many color available!
Not forgetting the features, it also comes with a latch door handle, built-in handle, 1 removable and 1 detachable shelves!


Marble door fridge


The new designed Marble door fridge keeps all your skincare products effective for longer and make your beauty space organized like never before! Keep your products fresh and cold.
1) 8L & 10L, 22L capacity available
2) Hot and cold setting
3) removable shelves
4) 1 door tray
5) Carry built-in handle
6) Touch screen mirrored door framed by a built-in dilemma LED lights
7) 3 types brightness adjustable

Glow up your vanity, bedroom, bathroom or just anywhere! Featuring our 8L and 4L beauty fridge. 

Post time: Nov-02-2021