Folding washing machine

Hello, everyone.This is Melody from Shanghai.I have worked in Voshon international company for more than 7 seven years. Voshon international company is the foreign trade subsidiary of Haijia Group, which is in charge of the overseas sales of Haijia products and it is the only authorized company of Haijia Brand. We focus on whole network marketing.

Now let me have the grand introduction of our fty HAIJIA GROUP.


Haijia Group was founded in 1989, which has been in home appliances field for more than 30 years with strong manufacturing capacity as well as research and development ability.The product research and development team is led by senior personnel who had served as the section chief in Toshiba and IE manager of Whirlpool.Our main products series are mini portable washing machines and skincare fridge. We will develop new e-commerce products each year and keep on innovating for people from all over the world. We have cooperated with Midea and Mi company which are very popular brand in China. Have you heard of these two brands?


We have 2 latest released styles of the blow up hot selling portable washing machine.

One is basic type, to occupy the market.

The other is upgrade version of the 2nd generation with drain baskets. We upgrade the engine into high speed one which also used on the car. The speed could reach 550 per min, and also there are two UV lamp balls at the bottom of the container, it can kill 99.99% of bacteria.


If you have any design idea pls feel free to contact me.We’d like to help people develop the products that follow the trend in the market.


I am waiting for you here anytime!!!

Post time: Nov-02-2021