Common hidden problems of hotel bedding

Nowadays, many hotels use bedding with high formaldehyde content. Formaldehyde is a colorless but pungent gas. In terms of use, it is suggested that the newly purchased hotel bedding should not be used directly, but should be washed and disinfected before use. Because formaldehyde is soluble in water, after washing, it will be useful to remove harmful substances, and the bedding with printed cloth should be exposed to the sun for a period of time, until the smell is gone.

Wenfa hotel supplies wholesale bedding

1. Shoddy fabric

Many people think that the thinner the fabric, the thicker the better. In fact, this kind of thinking is not correct. The hotel supplies on the bed are divided into five types according to the gauze: 40 * 40, 60 * 40, 60 * 60, 80 * 60, 80 * 80. Among them, different cloth gauze has corresponding cloth density. The most common ones are 40 * 40, 60 * 40, 60 * 60, 80 * 60 and 80 * 80, which are as thin as silk and can be easily broken by hand. The price is high, so basically there is no use in the hotel. Hotels will choose their own bedding. Wenfa hotel supplies wholesale bedding

2. The shrinkage of linen is unqualified

Many people who come into contact with hotel supplies know that the shrinkage of bedding is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, when purchasing hotel bedding, we should select some professional brands with high reputation and some suppliers specializing in hotel supplies. They are in line with the national standards, and in the production of hotel linen shrinkage accounting into, according to the standard scale of your hotel needs bed products, according to the shrinkage ratio of bed products to produce.

3. The color fading of cloth and grass is serious

Many experts point out that when we sleep, we will sweat, so that some substances in the sweat will react with the dyes of bed textiles, reduce the dyes to harmful substances, and then absorb them through human skin, leading to cancer. Now the bedding level on the market is not the same, the quotation is also different, so there is a big gap between workmanship and quality. Hotel bedding with good quality has flat and even cloth surface, fine texture, clear pattern, luster and even and flat sewing. However, some hotel bedding with uneven cloth surface, rare texture, disordered stripes and rough sewing can hardly guarantee the quality, and the color fastness must be unqualified.

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