Classification and function of hotel cleaning products

As we all know, the operation of a hotel is inseparable from cleaning, a clean and comfortable hotel is more suitable for home travel, giving people a pleasant mood. Now there are some hotels that are not clean enough. So cleaning is very important for hotels. Among them, cleaning products play a great role.

Hotel cleaning supplies can be generally divided into two categories of products, detergent and cleaning tools. Hotel cleaners generally include bottom wax, surface wax, furniture wax, carpet cleaner, toilet cleaner, disinfectant, glass, exterior wall cleaner, brightener, air freshener, degreaser, stone washing water, hand sanitizer, washing powder, derusting acid, kitchen cleaner and other hotel cleaning products. They play different roles in different materials. The hotel cleaning tools mainly include dry drag dust push, floor mop, broom, garbage shovel, cleaning brush, push water scraper, telescopic rod, cleaning glass suit, spray bottle, safety rope, dust bag, etc. So when we do hotel cleaning, we need to master some correct ways. Let employees use the corresponding cleaning tools correctly and effectively.

First of all, different materials should take the corresponding hotel cleaning supplies for cleaning and maintenance. Such as: glass ornaments, it is necessary to choose glass cleaner and glass cleaning tools; Stainless steel accessories, stainless steel maintenance agent; Wooden furniture, jewelry should choose furniture wax and other cleaning supplies.

Then, the hygiene in the guest room includes bathtubs, toilets, basins, cups, bedclothes and so on. These appliances and facilities that are in direct contact with the guests must be cleaned, disinfected, replaced and maintained every day after the guests use them. Only in this way can the guests use them more attentively.

Secondly, the cleaning of guest rooms is complicated, including collection of dirty linen, surface cleaning, floor cleaning, waste management, bed making service, toilet cleaning, night bed service, etc. Different from the daily home cleaning, hotel cleaning staff need to complete the room cleaning within the specified time, and ensure high quality service. In the peak season of hotel stay, the cleaning time of each room will be more urgent, and the cleaning frequency will be higher. Therefore, it is particularly important for cleaning personnel to have a room service car with large capacity, strong functionality, light and convenient.

Cleaning is not only a superficial effort, but also a real good job. Only by doing a good job in hotel cleaning can we let the guests come continuously. Although food is very important, service is even more important. There is a saying that the guest is God, and our salary comes from them.

Post time: Jul-03-2021